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Transforming Health Care Across Australia

Precedence Health Care is the leading provider of digital health solutions for coordinated care in Australia. We help you transition to an integrated healthcare model that has patients firmly at its centre.

The key to this digital transformation of health care is cdmNet, the most widely used coordinated care platform in Australia.

cdmNet simplifies care coordination across the care team and streamlines care planning. It automatically creates and manages digital assessments and care plans, tracks team activities, and helps chase up tasks and appointments to make sure no one falls through the gaps.

cdmNet enables you to provide high-value MBS-rebated and Health Care Home services more easily to more of your patients, improving their care and their health outcomes.

Services that cover the entire cycle of care

The cdmNet platform provides a range of cloud and mobile services to seamlessly manage the full patient journey and support every component of patient-centred care.


Monitor patient progress, follow up and review.


Make sure everyone on the care team knows what everyone else is doing.


Keep the communication flowing across the entire care team.


Identify patients most likely to benefit from better coordinated care.


Assess patients' health risks and needs.


Develop a unique care plan for each patient centred on their needs and preferences.


Involve patients and their families in managing their own care.

Why it works

cdmNet is a highly secure cloud-based coordinated care platform accessible via the internet and mobile devices.   It provides the underlying collaboration infrastructure for supporting and integrating all Precedence services and products.

cdmNet connects to critical data sources, including GP clinical software, My Health Record, Apple Health, Google Fit, and patient wearables and self-monitoring devices. In this way, it can extract key patient information in digital form and make it accessible always, all in one place.

cdmNet also links to an extensive community of healthcare providers and enterprises across Australia. It allows the GP and patient to select individual providers or organisations to join the patient’s care team, and then shares the patient’s health record with – and only with – this selected team.

cdmNet uses powerful workflow engines and artificial intelligence to create and manage patient care plans, track and monitor adherence to the plan, and ensure the right follow up at the right time. It makes it easy for you, the care team, and patients to stay informed, connected, and in control.

cdmNet is the only care management product endorsed by the RACGP for supporting quality improvement in general practice.

The cdmNet platform is used by over 75,000 GPs, allied health professionals, specialists, and other healthcare providers to manage the care of more than 150,000 Australians.

Precedence works with leaders in healthcare reform in Australia.