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Transforming Health Care Across Australia

Precedence Health Care is the leading provider of digital health solutions for coordinated care in Australia. We help you transition to an integrated healthcare model that has patients firmly at its centre.

At the heart of everything we offer is cdmNet, the most widely used coordinated care platform in Australia.  cdmNet allows us to integrate our products and services seamlessly into a single healthcare solution.


Connect, communicate and collaborate

Precedence CareCoordinator provides a complete integrated care solution that connects patients and providers across the care continuum. It forms the basis for all integrated care, from simple collaboration to the patient-centred medical home.


Streamlining care planning for better patient outcomes

Manage everything you need from MBS-funded team-based care to the Health Care Home. Designed for traditional practices and those transitioning to patient-centred care, Precedence CareTracker offers streamlined care planning and coordination to dramatically simplify your life and improve quality of care.


Take the lead in optimising patient care

Precedence CareNavigator enables healthcare organisations to deliver effective patient navigation and care management services to large patient populations. Help patients get the right support, at the right time, no matter how complex or diverse their care needs.


Understand your patient population

Precedence PracticeProfiler helps to quickly analyse patient populations and identify at-risk patients and their needs. It also provides fully customisable reports and quality data extracts to make sure you fully understand your patient population of care.


Engage patients in their own care

Knowledge is power. Precedence MediTracker allows patients to be more engaged in their own care with 24/7 access to their latest medical record and care team. Keep patients safer in emergencies, out of GP hours and on travel.

Products that cover the entire cycle of care

Our integrated cloud and mobile products seamlessly manage the full patient journey and support every component of patient-centred care.


Monitor patient progress, follow up and review.


Make sure everyone on the care team knows what everyone else is doing.


Keep the communication flowing across the entire care team.


Identify patients most likely to benefit from better coordinated care.


Assess patients' health risks and needs.


Develop a unique care plan for each patient centred on their needs and preferences.


Involve patients and their families in managing their own care.

Why it works

cdmNet is a highly secure cloud-based coordinated care platform.  It links to key data sources – such as GP clinical desktops and patient self-monitoring devices – and provides the underlying collaboration infrastructure for all Precedence products.

Find out more at cdmnetplatform.com

cdmNet is the only care management product endorsed by the RACGP for supporting quality improvement in general practice.

Our products and services are used by over 25,000 care providers to manage the care of more than 120,000 Australians.

We work with leaders in healthcare reform in Australia.