“I think there’s more likelihood of your GP keeping track that you are seeing these other health providers and reminding you that you need to.”

Patient anon, Geelong, Victoria.

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Why use cdmNet?

Using cdmNet, you will be reminded by SMS or email of upcoming appointments you need to make with your GP or care team.

Through the cdmNet web site, you will also have complete access, anywhere and anytime, to your own health record and care plan. You will be able to view the contact details for your entire care team and get directions to the locations of any of your care providers.

You can also interact with cdmNet via your mobile phone (if internet enabled), allowing you to walk into a pharmacist or hospital anywhere in the world and provide them with your complete health details, including contact information for your entire care team.

Evidence-based care

cdmNet encourages planning and collaboration between you, your GP, and your entire care team. Evidence indicates that patient outcomes are improved with planned, collaborative care, including regular follow up and review, and where the patient is involved in their own care.

cdmNet facilitates best practice care and helps you take control of your illness and its treatment. Independent university trials show that this can result in significant improvements in your health and wellness.

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