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About Precedence Health Care

Precedence Health Care provides the digital health technologies and services crucial to health care reform. Over the past decade, we have led the development of care planning and coordination technologies for tackling the growing challenge of chronic illness and other complex conditions.

We believe that improvements in health care are best achieved when healthcare providers are aided by digital technologies, not overwhelmed by them. To this end, we aim to build on the traditions of good medicine while providing a pathway to future models of health care.

We work closely with leading research and education institutes to address some of the most difficult problems in healthcare. From the management of chronic illness to the coordination of providers and their patients across the continuum of care, our solutions are founded upon clinical evidence and best practice care.

Our products and solutions are used by leading healthcare providers, businesses and governments across Australia. We provide the core technology for major health reform initiatives nationally and over 150,000 patients use our cloud and mobile technologies to better manage their health and wellbeing.

Our coordinated care platform, cdmNet, is the only care management product endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for supporting quality improvement in general practice.

Our development team includes some of the most experienced technologists and clinical experts in Australia. They are led by an outstanding executive team with broad international experience in business, advanced digital technologies and health care.

Precedence Health Care was established in Australia in 2007 and was acquired by Sonic Healthcare Limited, one of Australia’s largest healthcare companies, in 2015. It operates as an independent business within Sonic Clinical Services.

Executive Team

Grant Williamson
General Manager

Grant Williamson is General Manager of Precedence and has overall responsibility for the strategy and operations of the company.

Grant has a long and distinguished record in introducing innovative digital solutions and technologies in the healthcare sector.

Prior to taking the position at Precedence, Grant worked as General Manager of Partnerships at UHG, helping build a marketplace for connecting business and healthcare providers.

Grant was also General Manager of Zedmed Medical Software Solutions, where he drove the company from inception through to establishing its position as one of the leading clinical software systems in primary care.

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Professor Michael Georgeff

Professor Michael Georgeff is Founder of Precedence and Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

Michael has been at the forefront of software innovation and commercialisation for over 40 years, He was one of the pioneers of software agent technology, creating a new paradigm for the way computational systems are built and operated. He has spent the last ten years developing digital health technologies and in 2017 received the HISA Jon Hilton award for excellence in innovation in primary care.

Michael is a founding member of the Australian National Consultative Committee on e-Health and a member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia. He is Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and also a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. He was an advisor to Deloitte on Australia’s e-Health Strategy.

In 1988, Michael was invited back to Australia by the Prime Minister, Mr Bob Hawke, to set up the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII). As Founding Director, he established AAII as a world leader in advanced information technology. During this period, he and his team created one of the first implementations of intelligent agents to be used on NASA’s space shuttle. He was also one of the lead advisors to NASA on the information technology strategy for the International Space Station.

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Jamie Curmi
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Jamie Curmi is responsible for all product design and development at Precedence.

Jamie has been involved in the IT industry for over 25 years. He started work in the Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science at the University of Melbourne. He subsequently worked as senior software engineer at the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), a world leader in intelligent agent technology.  Jamie became technical coordinator at Ericsson Australia’s Advanced Services Application Centre developing advanced mobile applications.  Prior to joining Precedence, he was Director of Operations at Agent Oriented Software.

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Marienne Hibbert
Chief Clinical Information Officer

Dr. Marienne Hibbert is the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Precedence with chief responsibility for clinical solutions delivery.

Marienne has extensive experience in eHealth, with a background including many years in Hospital IT, integration and system implementation, strategic planning and project management. Marienne has particular expertise in clinical systems development and implementation; and facilitating data acquisition for quality assessment, evaluation and research.

Marienne has previously been the Project Director for BioGrid Australia for seven years, establishing this national research infrastructure for privacy protected research across multiple hospitals and research institutes.

Marienne commenced her career at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne before establishing the Research Unit at the Centre for Adolescent Health, pioneering computer collected population data from young people.

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Jessica Keating
Integration and Implementation Director

Jessica manages the national adoption, deployment and ongoing support of all Precedence services and products, as well as assisting with product and company strategy.

Jessica and her team work closely with our partners and general practitioners, practice nurses, practice managers, allied health and specialists, providing each of them with education and training on Precedence products and assistance with chronic disease management and care coordination processes.

Jessica is a Division 1 Registered Nurse. She began her nursing career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2004. Jessica has worked in both the acute and sub-acute sectors. Her main clinical interest is in primary care and she has worked as a practice nurse and practice manager in several practices in Australia and the United Kingdom. Jessica is experienced in chronic disease management, medical practice administration and using technology in primary care. She also has a strong interest in population health and health promotion.

Jessica has a Bachelor of Nursing, Masters of Health Administration and a Masters of Public Health.

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