Research partnerships

Precedence Health Care believes that innovation and evaluation are essential parts of better health care. It aims to use its large and growing evidence base of care practice to improve clinical models of care, to determine which care practices are most effective, and to contribute to health care policy and reform.

Precedence Health Care is working with world renowned research organisations, including Monash University, The University of Melbourne and CSIRO’s National eHealth Research Centre to better understand the management of chronic disease within the Australian primary care setting. Precedence also collaborates with Medicare Locals to help analyse and improve frontline service delivery targeted to their local region.

Research platform

cdmNet provides an online platform that, for the first time, collects comprehensive in-field information on collaborative care practice across the entire care team.

This information enables researchers to study collaborative care in greater detail than previously possible, providing crucial evidence on the efficacy of collaborative care and specific treatment guidelines. Already, independent university trials have demonstrated that cdmNet is associated with large improvements in quality of care and patient outcomes.

Our collaboration with leading research institutes and healthcare organisations will further exploit the cdmNet platform to explore new models of care and seek evidence of improved clinical outcomes through ethics-approved studies.

Precedence Health Care is dedicated to using evidence and research to improve the quality of care and the efficiency of care delivery equally for all Australians.