Working Together to Improve Health Outcomes

Chronic disease is one of the greatest challenges to health care as we know it. To address this challenge, Precedence Health Care has created cdmNet, a web-based service that assists general practice, healthcare providers and patients better manage chronic conditions and other illnesses.

Using cdmNet, any member of a patient’s care team can access the patient’s health record and care plan, including the GP, practice nurse, specialists, allied health, pharmacists and the patient themselves. Find out more…

cdmNet radically simplifies care management, eliminates the paperwork and increases practice revenues.
cdmNet increases team care arrangements, shares patient information across the care team, and facilitates collaboration.
cdmNet helps patients stay on plan and enables them to participate fully in the management of their own care.

The Evidence

  • Improved health outcomes for your patients
  • Improved quality of care
  • Saves time
  • Less paperwork and administration
  • Higher revenues
  • Find out more…

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