Precedence Health Care is collaborating with government, business leaders, healthcare organisations, and world renowned research institutes to provide the best available comprehensive disease management service in Australia.

These collaborations are strongly supported by national and state government infrastructure and research initiatives. Precedence Health Care leads the Collaborative Care Cluster Australia project, an initiative to develop a cluster of industry and research capability in collaborative care and supported by the Victorian Science Agenda program. The Commonwealth, through the Digital Regions Initiative, is also supporting the rollout of cdmNet in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

cdmNet has also been selected as the core technology infrastructure for the Commonwealth’s landmark Diabetes Care Project, which is testing the use of technology systems and flexible funding models to provide more equitable, more effective, and less costly health delivery.

Why partner with us?

By partnering with Precedence Health Care, you will be part of an Australia-first initiative to transform the management of chronic disease. The cdmNet solution has been developed and continues to be refined using evidence-based models of care and the input of healthcare providers and patients. Your experience is essential for us to improve and extend cdmNet to better meet the needs of providers and to deliver improved outcomes for patients. By working with Precedence Health Care you are helping to ensure that Australia is leading the world in quality and safety, within an efficient, sustainable healthcare system, delivered equitably to all Australians.

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