MediTracker – Addressing the challenge of clinical handover and GP-led care

We all know that poor communication in clinical handover and presentation to emergency departments is one of the largest causes of adverse events, preventable morbidity, and suboptimal patient outcomes.

Precedence Health Care this month releases a mobile app, MediTracker, that takes a major step forward in overcoming this challenge.

Using the cdmNet cloud, MediTracker directly connects patients to their summary medical record held at their GP’s practice.

MediTracker displays information about a patient’s health conditions and medications so that after hours, on travel, or in an emergency they can be treated safely. Families can also use MediTracker to keep track of young children with chronic illness or elderly parents.

As a cdmNet user, your cdmNet patients can use MediTracker simply by entering their cdmNet username and password (or following the prompts to receive these). This will give them immediate access to their cdmNet medical record on their smartphone or mobile device.

You can also enable MediTracker for all your patients, allowing them to connect to their GP summary medical record in the same way as your cdmNet patients. However, unlike cdmNet, on consent MediTracker automatically connects these patients to your practice so you don’t need to take time registering them individually.

Precedence CEO Professor Michael Georgeff said that MediTracker is designed to support GP-led patient-centered care.

“It aims to improve the GP-patient relationship and increase patient loyalty to a single GP practice, as recommended in the recent Primary Health Care Advisory Group report on achieving better outcomes for patients.”

Together with cdmNet, MediTracker is endorsed by the RACGP for improving the quality of care in general practice.

Leading medical publications have praised MediTracker as a “game-changer for mobile access to health information” (Pulse-IT link) and “the app that changes everything” (Medical Republic link).

You can enable MediTracker today, in a couple of clicks, by following these instructions (link). We can also provide posters and explanatory brochures for your waiting room by emailing

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