Managing your Preferred Providers

Did you know your general practice can manage their own preferred providers list on cdmNet? Initially when your practice joins cdmNet a list of all of your regularly referred to providers is extracted from your practice software and added to your preferred providers list on cdmNet. You can access and manage your preferred providers list by adding or removing providers.

To manage your preferred providers list please follow the steps below:

  • Login to cdmNet and click on Preferences on the top right hand corner or the screen
  • Scroll down to the name of your practice and click on the practice name
  • Scroll down to the heading Preferred Providers, you can remove providers by clicking Remove
  • To add preferred providers you can choose to either Add Preferred Providers from Postcode (which will add all providers from a post code) or add individual providers or organisations by clicking Add Preferred Providers
  • This will open up the cdmNet provider directory and you can search by individual or organisation name, city, suburb or postcode to add to your preferred providers list