Tim Denton
“Since using cdmNet for ensuring quality of care, we have not had any strokes or progressive retinopathy in our patients with diabetes. People have fewer complications, are living better lives and living longer.”

Dr Tim Denton (GP), cdmNet user since 2010

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Why use cdmNet?

  • Saves time: doubles practice productivity for treating chronic disease
  • Eliminates paperwork: removes the time and cost of administration
  • Simplifies collaboration: minimises the overhead of collaboration with other care providers and the patient
  • Improves patient outcomes: improves adherence to best practice guidelines
  • Increases net revenues: regular users increases net revenues per GP by over $45,000 per year
  • Reduces risk: monitors patient care and facilitates Medicare compliance
  • Maximises flexibility: works in any practice environment

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cdmNet manages the complete care process, from end to end, freeing you to focus more time on your patients. It removes the complexity associated with care planning, collaboration, and compliance with Medicare requirements, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice.

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How to join cdmNet

Any GP or practice can register with cdmNet at no cost. When you register, you will be able to immediately start using cdmNet. You will be able to share patient information with the care team and the patient, create and review preventive care plans, and access ongoing support at no cost.

For some MBS-related items, including GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements, a service fee is charged. However, if you decide to use these additional services, the net financial benefits to your practice far outweigh the costs of cdmNet.