Changing GPs or Practices in cdmNet

If a patient changes practice, their cdmNet record can follow them to their new GP. Our cdmNet patient transfer policy is dedicated to protecting the privacy, security and confidentiality of patient health information as well as ensuring the cdmNet health record is available to the correct care team.

To transfer a patient’s cdmNet record, please follow the below steps.

  1. The new practice advises the patient to make a written request to their old practice to transfer their cdmNet record to their new GP.

The old practice can take this opportunity to download patients cdmNet documents for their own purposes if required.

  1. The old practice then changes the cdmNet Primary Care Provider (GP) to the patient’s requested GP*. Alternatively, the old practice can also forward the written request to Precedence Health Care, who will complete this on their behalf.
  1. In the case where the old Practice has failed to change the Primary Care Provider in a timely manner a patient can email Precedence Health Care directly to request a transfer of their cdmNet record.

A full copy of the Precedence Health Care Policy is available by contacting cdmNet support on 1300 236 638 or email

*Primary Care Provider can be changed via the Contacts tab in the patient’s cdmNet record.