MediTracker – Addressing the challenge of clinical handover and GP-led care

We all know that poor communication in clinical handover and presentation to emergency departments is one of the largest causes of adverse events, preventable morbidity, and suboptimal patient outcomes. Precedence Health Care this month releases a mobile app, MediTracker, that takes a major step forward in overcoming this challenge. Using the cdmNet cloud, MediTracker directly … Continued

cdmNet and MedicineInsight: Improving Patient Health Outcomes

We are excited to announce that participation in MedicineInsight will soon be available through the cdmNet desktop application, known as the Precedence Connector. As a cdmNet user, you already have the Precedence Connector installed. MedicineInsight is a primary care quality improvement program developed and managed by NPS MedicineWise with funding from the Australian Government Department … Continued

An easier way to edit the patient’s care team

New functionality in cdmNet gives you the option to directly add, remove or change care team members from the Care Team tab. This makes managing the care team so much easier! To edit providers in the care plan please follow the steps below. To Change a Provider In the Care Team tab, navigate to the … Continued

eReferral Project

As part of the Victorian Government initiative to make health referrals more efficient, safer and reliable, Plenty Valley Community Health (PVCH) and Northern Health are implementing eReferrals using Precedence Health Care’s Referral Tracker with support from the North Western Melbourne, Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Care Networks and the Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership. Referral Tracker … Continued

My Health Record Opt-In Trial

cdmNet is working in partnership with WA Primary Health Alliance who are leading a federal trial to increase participation and use of the My Health Record system by patients and their health professionals. This includes allied health professionals, medical specialists, pharmacists, aged care facilities as well as GPs and hospitals. Through cdmNet, health care providers … Continued

AgeSmart: assistance with non-medical care

Precedence Healthcare is working with AgeSmart, a new service initially available in Victoria, to help older people navigate their way through aged care services and maintain their independence. It provides them and their families/carers with often needed support. Historically, GPs and practice nurses have had no real way to professionally assist patients with accessing and implementing the full mix … Continued

Patient Notifications

Did you know cdmNet automatically reminds the patients of upcoming care plan tasks? If the patient has a mobile number or an email address stored in your practice software cdmNet will automatically send a monthly SMS or an email to the patient to remind them of upcoming due tasks on their care plan. This enables … Continued

Managing your Preferred Providers

Did you know your general practice can manage their own preferred providers list on cdmNet? Initially when your practice joins cdmNet a list of all of your regularly referred to providers is extracted from your practice software and added to your preferred providers list on cdmNet. You can access and manage your preferred providers list … Continued

Patient List Improvements

We have made a few notable improvements to the patients list based on valuable feedback from our users. You may have already noticed these changes, which include: Enhanced speed for loading the patients list Hiding all patients with Health Record Creation Awaiting Action, which was previously highlighted in red in the patient list New Health … Continued

Updating the cdmNet Desktop application

The cdmNet desktop application updates automatically. However, if you are having difficulties connecting to cdmNet through your practice computer, this auto update may not be working. To check you are using the most recent version Click on the cdmNet icon near the date and time and select Check for update The text bubble will tell … Continued

New cdmNet Features

Did you know that cdmNet releases new features every two weeks!? If you would like to learn about these features, and also what is coming in the future, book in for a quick, personalised webinar by emailing with your preferred date and time. We will show you the new features that will make your … Continued

Did you know- cdmNet faxes?

cdmNet automatically distributes all care plan related documentation and forms to the relevant care team members. Although all allied health providers and specialist on cdmNet can access these documents by logging into cdmNet, if their preferred method of contact is fax then cdmNet faxes them relevant care plan documents and forms on your behalf. By … Continued

Reminder: Documenting patient consent

When uploading a patient health record to cdmNet, it is important that the person uploading the record obtains informed consent from the patient. This consent covers the collection and sharing of health information, as well as the creation and review of care plans, health assessments and referrals using cdmNet. It is important that the patient … Continued

New Educational Resources on cdmNet

In partnership with Health&, we are excited to introduce new patient focused educational resources to cdmNet. In the Education tab you will now be able to access a wider range of informative videos and information for many different conditions, personalised for each patient. The new resources from Health& provide verified medical facts in a user-friendly manner … Continued

Resetting Passwords – A new easy way!

If you have forgotten your cdmNet password there is now a new and easy way to retrieve your login details. Go to and complete the following steps: Click on Problems logging in? Verify your account by entering in your cdmNet username, email address or mobile number. cdmNet will automatically send you an email or an SMS with … Continued

Changing GPs or Practices in cdmNet

If a patient changes practice, their cdmNet record can follow them to their new GP. Our cdmNet patient transfer policy is dedicated to protecting the privacy, security and confidentiality of patient health information as well as ensuring the cdmNet health record is available to the correct care team. To transfer a patient’s cdmNet record, please … Continued

Adding a provider into a Care Plan

cdmNet care plans automatically populate your most commonly referred providers to the care plan. If you would like to change or add a provider to in a care plan please follow the steps below: In the Planning tab click on the existing providers name. To access the provider directory select Provider. Searching for a provider … Continued

Welcome to the cdmNet eNewsletter!

Happy New Year and welcome to our very first cdmNet monthly eNewsletter. With our monthly newsletter we hope to keep you updated with the latest news regarding cdmNet. We will include information on any new and upcoming cdmNet features, helpful hints and tricks for you to get more out of cdmNet and other useful updates. … Continued

A word from our CEO

Welcome to the first issue of the cdmNet eNewsletter for 2016. The healthcare system is in the early stages of enormous change driven by the ageing population and a dramatic increase in long-term chronic illnesses. Evidence shows that the system needs to move away from silos of episodic care to more coordinated multidisciplinary care. Primary … Continued

cdmNet Overview Tab

We are continually evolving and improving cdmNet to reflect the needs and preferences of our users. After gaining valuable feedback we have made a few notable improvements to cdmNet, one of these changes is the new Overview Tab. The new Overview tab is the landing page for the patient record in cdmNet and is designed … Continued

Helpful Hints

General practices are dynamic workplaces with new practitioners and nurses joining the practice, whilst some leave. It is important to keep your cdmNet Practice Account up to date with current organisation members. We have added a few helpful tips on what to do when a member leaves and joins the practice. If a New Practice … Continued

Quarterly Usage Reports

You may have noticed an email in your inbox recently that included a report on your practice’s cdmNet usage for the final quarter of 2015. These reports are designed to give practice managers extra visibility of how their practice is using cdmNet and the chronic disease Medicare item numbers, and also to allow them to … Continued

Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer versions 7 – 10

What does this mean for my practice/organisation? If your practice is running these versions of Internet Explorer they will continue to operate, however Microsoft will no longer be providing security or software updates for them. Over time, these browsers will become less reliable and secure which will lead to many software vendors, including cdmNet, phasing … Continued