Analysis of cdmNet and Medicare data by Monash and Deakin Universities1,2,3,4 have shown use of cdmNet is associated with:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Improved quality of care
  • Improved systematic care
  • Increased review and follow up

A recent research study of cdmNet, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, was Highly Commended for the prestigious Sir Richard Stawell Memorial Prize for its clinical significance.

Improved clinical outcomes

Improvement in key indicators for patients with diabetes using cdmNet for 13 months or more:1

  • Lower HbA1c (p < 0.05)
  • Lower LDL, Total cholesterol (p < 0.05)
  • Lower BP (p < 0.05)

Improved quality of care

Improved processes and clinical outcomes for cdmNet users.

Adherence to best practice care:2

  • 90% compliance with assigned tasks for patients with GPMP/TCA Reviews versus 50% compliance otherwise (p < 0.001)

Improved systematic care

Increased use of chronic disease management items after using cdmNet:3

  • 200% increase in GP Management Plans (GPMPs)
  • 200% increase in Team Care Arrangements (TCAs)
  • 600% increase in GPMP Reviews
  • 360% increase in TCA Reviews

Increased review and follow up

GPMPs and TCAs without regular review are ineffective.

Increased reviews and follow up by cdmNet users:4

  • 80% of GPMPs/TCAs are regularly reviewed compared to less than 20% nationally

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