The challenge

According to the American College of Physicians, “meeting the complex needs of patients with chronic illness or impairment is the single greatest challenge facing organised medical practice.”

Precedence Health Care is working with leading research and educational partners to ensure we successfully manage the transition to a healthcare system able to meet this challenge, to the benefit of all Australians.

Evidence-based care

It is widely accepted that patients with chronic disease require planned, regular interactions with their caregivers.

This interaction requires collaboration between the doctor, the care team and the patient. It includes a systematic approach to care, attention to best practice guidelines, and support for the patient’s role as self-manager. These interactions must be linked through time by clinically relevant information systems and regular follow-up and review initiated by the primary doctor and the care team.

Evidence into practice

cdmNet helps GPs and other healthcare providers put this model of care into practice.

Using Artificial Intelligence techniques, cdmNet incorporates the Chronic Care Model to create and manage high quality evidence-based care plans for chronic disease, both individually and in combination as comorbidities.

Independent university trials have shown that use of cdmNet is associated with improved quality of care and better patient outcomes. A recent research study of cdmNet, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, was Highly Commended for the prestigious Sir Richard Stawell Memorial Prize for its clinical significance.