As part of the Diabetes Care Project, participating GPs in your practice are entitled to receive, free of charge, access to the cdmNet service for all patients with diabetes. For patients with other chronic diseases you will receive a 50% discount on standard cdmNet fees should the participating GP choose to use cdmNet to manage their care.

To be granted this access, your practice (GP Entity) must agree to the cdmNet Service Agreement.

You (having the authority of the GP Entity) can complete the cdmNet Service Agreement electronically by entering the information requested below and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Service Agreement.

Enter your details below to agree online.

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Acceptance of Agreement

Click ‘I Accept’ if you agree to the Terms and Conditions described in the Service Agreement. If you do not agree and do not click ‘I Accept’, you cannot proceed with the transaction. By clicking ‘I Accept’, you are acknowledging and representing that you have the authority of the relevant GP Entity to bind it to this Agreement.


If you have any issues or concerns with this agreement, please contact cdmNet Support.