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    • Phone: 1300 CDMNET (1300 236 638)
      from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 8:00 pm AEDT
    • Fax: (03) 9614 2650

    Should Precedence Support need to access your machine remotely, you may be asked to download our secure remote support software. When instructed, you can download either:

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    Usernames and Passwords

    I have forgotten my username.

    Go to the cdmNet login page at and click Problems logging in? then enter the required details – cdmNet will send your username.

    My password doesn’t seem to work!

    If you have not logged in before, the password you were sent may have expired (they are valid for 30 days). Go to the cdmNet login page at and click Problems logging in? then enter the required details – cdmNet will send you a new temporary password. Log in with this password as soon as possible and change the password to your new permanent password.

    How do I change my password?

    You can change your password by first logging in to cdmNet, and then, from your Preferences page, clicking Change next to the password under the Account section of your preferences.  If you are a GP or practice nurse, don’t forget to also change the password for your user under Settings in the cdmNet Desktop menu.

    Getting Started

    I cannot find the cdmNet icon on my desktop

    Make sure the cdmNet desktop component has been installed.

    Check in the Windows notification area at the bottom right of your Windows screen.  Is the icon there?   If not, and you are on Windows 7, is it in the overflow area (click the little arrow (Show hidden icons)?)  If it is in the overflow area, you can make it always appear in the task bar – follow the Setup and Installation Guide in the section for Windows 7 users  available from the cdmNet help website –

    If the cdmNet icon is not in the Windows notification area, it is probably not running.  Do you have an icon on your desktop for cdmNet?  If so, double click that item. If you have no icon, you might need to speak to your IT support.

    I followed the installation instructions for cdmNet Desktop, but when I try to connect to cdmNet through the Desktop, cdmNet does not respond.

    This usually means that the Server Instance on the Practice Settings tab in the cdmNet Desktop settings has been set incorrectly. You may need to contact your IT support to find out the correct value.

    If you are certain that the Server Instance value is set correctly, check the firewall settings on the server or client machines. If the firewall settings are correct, and cdmNet Desktop still can’t connect to cdmNet, contact cdmNet Support for further assistance.

    How do I stop cdmNet reminders from popping up when I open a new patient record in my clinical desktop software?

    With the patient record open on your clinical desktop software, select Turn off reminders for current patient in the cdmNet Desktop menu.  When you select this option, cdmNet Desktop will no longer remind you about the current patient.

    You can turn reminders back on at any time by going to the same menu item and clicking the reminder box again.

    Setting Preferences

    How do I add preferred providers?

    To add preferred providers so that they are automatically assigned to new care plans, log in to cdmNet and go to Preferences in the top right hand corner of the page. If you are not a GP (e.g. a practice manager or practice nurse) scroll down to the heading Organisations and then click on the name of your organisation. If you are a GP (or after completing the previous step) click Add Preferred Providers, and choose the speciality of the provider that you want to add to view a list of all available providers for that speciality. You can also choose the state and suburb of the provider to focus your search. Highlight the provider that you want by clicking your mouse over their entry in the list and click Add Selected Provider. Preferred providers are assigned to care plans based on the most frequently used provider for that task (if you select a new provider when using the Planning tab, cdmNet will also add that provider to your preferred provider list. However, it is usually more efficient to use the method described above rather than add providers via the Planning tab).

    You can also add all providers in a given postcode, by using the Add Preferred Providers from Postcode link. Finally, you can add all providers from your organisation if the organisation has added a list of preferred providers, by ensuring that the Include Preferred Providers from Organisation box is ticked.

    How can I add a provider to cdmNet who isn’t currently listed?

    If you cannot find a provider on cdmNet, you can register a provider on their behalf. To do this, click the Add Preferred Provider link on your Preferences page and then click the Register a New Provider link and fill in the appropriate details in the boxes provided. As long as you are able to provide a correct method of contact for the provider you wish to register, that provider should receive a notification with a username and temporary password that they can use to log in to cdmNet.

    How do I allow my practice nurses to help me create and manage GPMPs, TCAs and Reviews?

    GPs can nominate care planning managers to create and manage their care plans on their behalf. On the GP’s Preferences page, go to the Care Plan Creators section and click Add Care Plan Creator.

    How do I stop receiving messages (emails and sms) from cdmNet?

    You can turn off notifications in the Preferences page to stop any notifications from being sent to you.

    If you are a GP, you can turn off notifications for a particular patient by going to the patient’s care plan, and clicking on Turn Off Patient Notifications in the top right corner of the cdmNet page.

    How can I manage whether or not my Organisation or the members of my Organisation receive referrals for participation in TCAs?

    You can do this by setting the Responsibility flag in the Organisation preferences.  The Responsibility flag determines who gets assigned to patient’s care plan.

    If you need to prevent the organisation from being assigned to care plan tasks, then set the responsibility to only to individual providers within the organisation.

    If you wish to block the members from the organisation from receiving referrals for TCAs, set the responsibility to only to the organisation.

    If you wish to allow both your organisation and your organisation’s members to receive referrals for TCAs, then set the responsibility to to the organisation or to individual providers within the organisation.

    Sharing and Managing Clinical Information

    Who can change and view the information on cdmNet?

    The Health Summary and Planning information can only be changed by a GP or their nominated care planning manager. This is in line with best-practice guidelines for management and coordination of care – someone must take responsibility for maintaining the key planning information.

    Other information such as Measurements, Appointments and Progress Notes can be entered by any member of the care team, including the patient. Measurements from clinical sources are kept separately from patient maintained information.

    Any member of the care team including the patient can view all information in cdmNet.

    For more information, see

    How can a GP or Practice Nurse add new information from their clinical software into cdmNet and share that with the care team?

    If you wish to update cdmNet with new information that has been added to the patient health record in your clinical desktop software, simply click on the cdmNet icon on your desktop (in the Windows notification area at the bottom right of the screen or in the Linked Health panel if using the PrimaryCare Sidebar) and select Update health record.

    Can a GP manage which health information is shared?

    Most clinical desktop software allows GPs to set confidential flags on a patient’s health information to prevent this information from being sent in referrals. cdmNet respects these flags and will not upload this information into the cdmNet electronic health record for the patient.

    In addition, some health summary information can be edited and removed online by GPs or their nominated care planning managers on the cdmNet service.

    Why does information I deleted using the cdmNet web site stay there with a line through it?

    When you delete information using the cdmNet web interface, it will be displayed with a strikethrough (a line through it) until you approve the change by approving the plan (by clicking Approve GPMP or Approve TCA) or by accepting the changes (by clicking Accept All Changes in the top right of the page).

    When I click an email link on the Care Team or Contacts page, instead of bringing up an email message to the recipient, I get an Outlook wizard taking me through a series of setup questions.

    If you’re using Outlook as your email client, this means you need to set up your account in Outlook prior to sending any messages. Step through the wizard to configure your email account (contact your IT support if you are not sure how to answer any of the questions).

    If you are not using Outlook as your email client, this means that Outlook is set as the default email client in Windows. You can change your Windows settings by going to the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, select Default Programs, then select Set your default programs. From here, select the email client you require to use, then click Choose defaults for this program, making sure that Send Mail and Mail To are ticked, then click Save. Alternatively, copy the email address from cdmNet and paste it into a new message in your preferred email client.

    Why is my patient list slow?

    Your Patient List may be slow because it is displaying too many patients at once. cdmNet breaks up your patient list into separate smaller pages with a set number of patients per page. This number is indicated in the small drop down box in the top right of the patient list labelled “Show per page”. The larger you make this number, the more patients will be displayed per page and the longer cdmNet will take to load and display that information. By reducing the number of patients indicated in “Show per page”, your Patient List will display faster.

    I’m searching for a patient I know exists, but I can’t find them.

    You may be inadvertently filtering out the patient you are searching for. Above your Patient List, check that your filter is showing “all patients” and “from any organisation”. If not, set the filters to these values. If this does not let you find the patient you are looking for, the patient may no longer be registered with cdmNet or the GP may have removed you from the care plan for that patient. Call cdmNet Support if you need help in determining the cause of this problem.

    GP Management Plans

    How can I amend a GPMP or TCA?

    You can edit a care plan simply by clicking in the cells you wish to change in the Planning tab.

    The quickest way to update a provider is to click the provider’s name or type in a task row in the Planning tab and change to the new provider.  Note that if you remove a provider, that Task’s provider will now be highlighted yellow to indicate that a provider has not been assigned.

    Goals (or Tasks) can also be modified by clicking the Goal name (or Task name) and changing the properties accordingly.

    Once your care plan has been amended, you can choose to accept all changes made by clicking the Accept All Changes link at the top right of the page.  You will then have the option to notify the care team of these changes.

    Team Care Arrangements

    How can I create a TCA if I didn’t request this at the time of approving the GPMP?

    Click the Allow Team Care Arrangement link at the top left of the cdmNet page.

    How do I create / re-create Allied Health referral forms?

    Allied Health referrals will be automatically created and allied health providers notified electronically when a TCA is approved.

    If the patient already has an approved cdmNet TCA, then you can re-create the Allied Health referral forms from the Documents tab by clicking the action Create/Modify Supporting Document. It will list Allied Health referral forms as options if the requisite conditions above have been satisfied.

    If you have not created a TCA for this patient, then first create a TCA.  When you approve the TCA, the Allied Health referral forms will be automatically generated.

    How do I create / re-create Home Medicines Review referral forms?

    A Home Medicines Review referral will be automatically created if there is a Domiciliary medication management review task in the GPMP. The referral will be created and the pharmacist notified electronically when the GPMP is approved.

    If you wish to recreate an HMR at any time thereafter, you can do so from the Documents tab by clicking the action Create/Modify Supporting Document and selecting the Home Medicines Referral Form option.

    How can I let every care provider in my Organisation receive referrals for participation in TCAs and share patient care plans?

    If the Organisation is assigned to a task on the patient’s care plan, then all the Organisation’s members will have access to the shared health record and care plan for the patient.

    If the task has been assigned to a specific individual in your Organisation, you will need to ask the Primary Care Provider for this patient to re-assign the task to your Organisation instead.

    GPMP and TCA Reviews

    I want to review the plan even though a review is not due. How can I do this?

    The Next Review date appears at the top right of the patient page in cdmNet. You will have to change that date to today’s date. By default, cdmNet sets that date to six months from the date of the last action, but this can be changed at any time. Medicare guidelines require a significant change in clinical presentation for a review to be performed within three months of a previous review.

    Do I need to complete all the outstanding tasks to complete a review?

    No – there is no clinical or Medicare requirement to do so. cdmNet will allow you to proceed with review when there are outstanding tasks. This is entirely appropriate, as there may be tasks that cannot be completed at the time of the review, or that require attention from another member of the care team. As a final reminder, you will be warned that there are tasks outstanding when you approve the review.

    I have clicked Proceed with review but nothing seems to have happened. What should I do?

    cdmNet has created a draft review document for your approval. You should review this document – or if you prefer, review the current status of the plan in the Planning tab. Once you are satisfied that you and the patient have a clear understanding of what the required actions are, you should click Approve GPMP Review, and if asked, tick the box labeled Create and distribute a review of the Team Care Arrangement. You can then claim an item 732 for the review of the GP Management Plan. If you requested a TCA Review, then when the care team agrees, you can claim another item 732 for the review of the TCA.

    Non-MBS Care Plans

    What is a non-MBS care plan?

    A non-MBS care plan can be used for conditions that are not covered by the current MBS guidelines for chronic disease management (eg. preventive health plans) or for patient’s that are not eligible for traditional GPMPs and TCAs. The plan can still be shared with the patient’s care team via cdmNet. There is no charge for completing non-MBS care plans.

    Can I convert a non-MBS care plan to a GPMP and/or TCA or Review?

    To convert a non-MBS care plan to a GPMP/TCA, click the link Convert Care Plan to a GPMP/TCA located on the top right side of the plan.
    Currently, a non-MBS care plan cannot be converted to a GPMP/TCA Review. This feature is currently under development, and will be available in the future.

    For Allied Health: Why is this patient on my patient list if I don’t have any sessions?

    The patient has a non-MBS care plan in cdmNet, in which you have been nominated as one of their care team. You can use cdmNet to access their health record, view pathology results, enter progress notes, and mark off attended appointments.

    Cycles of Care

    How do I manage the Annual Cycle of Care for Diabetes?

    cdmNet allows you to view the current status of minimum requirements for the Annual Diabetes Cycle of Care (ACoC) by clicking the Annual Cycle of Care link on the top left of the cdmNet page.  This will display a PDF showing which of the requirements have been completed and when.  Within a month of the ACoC being due, Approve ACoC will appear to the right of this text.   Clicking this button will alert you to any outstanding items and allow you to complete the ACoC if you are satisfied that you have met all Medicare requirements.  The cdmNet record will hold the Approved annual Cycle of Care document for audit purposes.

    cdmNet allows you to set an Annual Cycle of Care review date for every patient with a Diabetes plan, and will remind you to consider an annual Cycle of Care review at the nominated time.

    The Approve ACoC button does not  appear.  What do I do?

    If you wish to complete an Annual Diabetes Cycle of Care (ACoC) and the Approve ACoC button does not appear, it is likely that you have not properly set the date of the Next ACoC.  Go to the top right of the cdmNet page and click Change beside the Next ACOC date to change the date to today’s date.

    Saving Documents back to my Desktop

    How can I save an approved GPMP or TCA document into my clinical desktop software?

    Before you spend time doing this, remember that the cdmNet online service is easily accessible from your current electronic record and always has the most up to date information about the GPMP/TCA for every patient. The document you save will be a ‘snapshot’ at a point in time of the dynamic online record maintained by cdmNet.  Therefore, in most cases, there is no need to save any documents stored on cdmNet back to your clinical desktop software.

    If you wish to save an approved GPMP or TCA back into the patient’s record on your clinical desktop software, log in to cdmNet, open the PDF version of the document that you want to save (e.g. the GP Management Plan) and save the document to your desktop (or, if you prefer, to a specified location, e.g. to a specially created cdmNet folder in My Documents on your computer).

    If you use Medical Director 3, go to the Documents tab in the patient’s record, select the Import button, locate and open the saved document, record an appropriate description for the document and click OK.

    In Best Practice, go to Correspondence In in the patient’s record, select the Add button, locate and open the saved document, record appropriate details for the document and click OK (you may also wish to go the care plan tab in Best Practice and click that a care plan has been created for this patient).

    Billing Medicare

    Does billing occur automatically once the GPMP, TCA, or Reviews have been approved?

    No, billing does not occur automatically when the GPMP, TCA, or Reviews of these have been approved.  cdmNet tells you the MBS Item Number you can claim when you are approving these items and you should arrange for the appropriate claim forms to be signed by the patient.

    In addition, cdmNet records the status of the care plan and which MBS CDM Items have been completed for each patient, which assists with reconciliation of billing.


    While entering a Progress Note, I want to go to another page (e.g. Measurements) without losing the current note. How do I do this?

    Right-click the link to the page you want to view (e.g. Measurements) and select Open in a new window or Open in a new tab. You will then have both the Progress Notes and Measurements pages open and you can move from one to the other. Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl or Command key and click the link to the page you want to view; this also opens the page in another tab or window.

    System Requirements

    What Internet browsers does cdmNet support?

    Once registered with cdmNet, you can access cdmNet services anywhere, anytime, using standard Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can even access it on mobile phones such as the iPhone and Android phones.

    What operating systems does cdmNet support?

    If you are a GP, you will need to download and install the cdmNet desktop component (cdmNet Desktop) onto your computer, for seamlessly linking to your clinical desktop software. The cdmNet Desktop requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 or higher.

    cdmNet Desktop can run standalone on a single computer, on a shared server, or in terminal server mode.

    What clinical desktop software does cdmNet support?

    The cdmNet Desktop currently integrates with Best Practice and Medical Director 3. Integration with other clinical desktop software will occur as the vendors of these systems standardise their interfaces to external systems.

    The versions of desktop software currently supported are:

    • Best Practice version or higher.
    • Medical Director 3 version (3.12) or higher.