cdmNet user data and independent university trials show that regular users of cdmNet can increase their revenues by over $45,000 per GP per year.

cdmNet increases practice revenues by enabling practices to provide more MBS Chronic Disease Management (CDM) services whlle improving the quality of care for their chronically ill patients.

The graph below shows the gains in net annual revenues that a typical GP could expect from the use of cdmNet. The cdmNet revenues are net revenues, after paying the cdmNet service fee.

Analysis shows that regular cdmNet users achieve average net annual revenues from MBS CDM items and Home Medicines Reviews of over $60,000 per GP with a practice nurse and over $53,000 per GP without a practice nurse.

This compares with national data that shows median annual MBS CDM and HMR revenues of $10,000 per GP .

The use of cdmNet to create Health Assessments, GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements also triggers further Medicare payments, including Practice Incentive Payments, Service Incentive Payments, case conferencing items, and practice nurse incentives.

If you have a different MBS CDM profile for your chronically ill patients than the national profile, you can expect similar multipliers in CDM services and revenues through the use of cdmNet.

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1 Regular cdmNet users registered between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2013; Reviews and SIP based on users registered prior to July 1, 2012
2 National data based on MBS items processed from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 about/stats/provider-percentile-charts.jsp