Evidence-based care

For patients with chronic disease, there is strong evidence that the best patient outcomes are achieved with well-planned care, in collaboration with a care team and the patient, continuously monitored and followed up, and supportive of patient self-management.

However, the average full time GP in Australia has over 400 chronically ill patients. With so little time available, it is extremely difficult to provide best practice care to this population.

Care plan “templates” cannot do the job (see why). And even with the help of a practice nurse, the task is immense.

To overcome this challenge, Precedence Health Care partnered with leading research institutes, healthcare organisations, businesses and government to create and trial cdmNet.

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Ease of use

With just a few clicks of your mouse, cdmNet will create an individualised, evidence-based care plan for your patient. A few more clicks and the plan and supporting documentation will be shared with the whole care team. Monitoring is automatic, so you always know how closely care providers and the patient are adhering to their care plan. Reviews and Annual Cycles of Care are also automated, so that they too can be completed and shared within minutes.

Collaboration takes place seamlessly and effortlessly, because everything is shared automatically with the care team, the patient, and you. Because cdmNet manages the entire process, and not just one part of it, you will be able to spend more time with your patients, minimise paper work, and maximise your revenues.

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Proven Benefits

Independent university trials show that cdmNet

  • Improves clinical outcomes
  • Improves quality of care
  • Improves systematic care
  • Increases review and follow up

The trials also demonstrated a 250% increase in GP and practice nurse productivity. This means practices can provide more services while saving time to focus on the immediate concerns of their patients. GPs who regularly use cdmNet typically increase their net revenues from CDM items by over $45,000 per year.

Either together with your practice nurse or as a sole practitioner, cdmNet enables you to take a systematic evidence-based approach to the management of your entire population of chronically ill patients.