What is cdmNet?

cdmNet is an online service that makes it easier for GPs, practice nurses and other healthcare providers to manage chronic disease and preventive care.

cdmNet is clinically proven to improve patient outcomes.

cdmNet streamlines practice management, cuts through the red tape associated with chronic disease management and increases MBS revenues.

cdmNet lets you know what the care team is doing, all the time.

The changing landscape

Chronic diseases and other long-term conditions are changing the way practices need to work. These conditions often require a team of care providers with an agreed treatment plan, regularly followed up to ensure that the patient is on track and complications are avoided.

The need for increased collaboration with more and more healthcare providers also increases the administrative burden on your practice, with more complex Medicare requirements, faxes, telephone tag, and scanning of paperwork.

What does cdmNet do?

cdmNet makes it easy to:

Effortlessly communicate and collaborate with the care team
Create and share best-practice health assessments and care plans
Follow up
Ensure that every action, health assessment and care plan is followed up and reviewed
Track and monitor patient progress and actions across the whole care team
Send reminders to patients to help them stay on track
Be guided through Medicare requirements and ensure safe Medicare audits
Create, electronically sign, and distribute all documentation and referrals

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System requirements

Why use cdmNet?

cdmNet is based on world best practice for the treatment of chronic disease.

Independent University studies show that cdmNet is associated with higher quality of care, better patient outcomes, and increased practice efficiency.

cdmNet users also show increased practice revenues and expanded participation of allied health and other care providers.

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cdmNet in action

cdmNet in action


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RACGP have endorsed cdmNet as a product supporting quality improvement in general practice. RACGP recognises that cdmNet will be a useful tool for helping general practitioners in managing patients with chronic disease.