What is cdmNet?

Over 40% of patient visits to a GP relate to a chronic illness. Evidence shows that these patients need systematic, long-term care, involving an entire team of healthcare professionals.

But the sheer number of interactions required of the care team places a huge burden on doctors, their practice nurses, and the other members of the team.

There is not enough time, too much paperwork, and too much bureaucracy. As a result, doctors and the care team often struggle to provide effective, systematic care to their chronically ill patients.

cdmNet is an online web-based service designed to overcome these problems. It makes it easy for practices to take a systematic approach to managing their entire chronic disease population.

What does cdmNet do?

Unlike other software systems that focus only on one part of the process (such as care plan templates), cdmNet supports the entire process of care from end to end. cdmNet helps GPs, practice nurses, and the care team to:

  • Build a registry of patients with chronic disease
  • Create individualised, best-practice care plans
  • Share the care plan and health record across the care team and with the patient
  • Produce and distribute all documentation
  • Provide patient reminders and support
  • Collaborate with one another
  • Monitor progress against the care plan
  • Complete follow up and review
  • Manage Medicare compliance

Overview of cdmNet (video)

cdmNet is based on world best practice for the treatment of chronic disease. Trials of cdmNet have indicated higher quality care, enhanced productivity of the GP practice, increased practice revenues and expanded participation of allied health and other care providers.

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RACGP Logo RACGP have endorsed cdmNet as a product supporting quality improvement in general practice. RACGP recognises that cdmNet will be a useful tool for helping general practitioners in managing patients with chronic disease.