cdmNet and MedicineInsight: Improving Patient Health Outcomes

We are excited to announce that participation in MedicineInsight will soon be available through the cdmNet desktop application, known as the Precedence Connector. As a cdmNet user, you already have the Precedence Connector installed.

MedicineInsight is a primary care quality improvement program developed and managed by NPS MedicineWise with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health. This program is offered free of charge to all general practices in Australia with the aim of helping to improve clinical practice and health outcomes.

  • At the click of a mouse, MedicineInsight shows you the gaps in your clinical data, which patients you need to prioritise, what you need to reflect on and where you could improve. MedicineInsight presents your clinical data clearly and succinctly based on therapeutic parameters that you set in the context of your own practice and the needs of your patients, including patient demographics, diagnoses, prescribing patterns, pathology results and risk-factor levels.
  • Visualisation tools, such as the MedicineInsight Portal, allow you to reflect on your own patterns of prescribing and patient care and compare these securely online at local, regional and national levels.
  • Free in-practice educational visits with CPD points give you with the opportunity to discuss and interpret individual and whole-of-practice data, identify strengths or gaps, and plan for improvements in conjunction with the latest clinical evidence and guidelines.
  • You’ll get customised quality improvement activities designed to support accreditation and identify opportunities to improve data quality.
  • MedicineInsight allows you to easily re-identify patients at your practice for recall who may be under-treated, in need of review or potentially at risk.

MedicineInsight uses the Precedence Connector to capture de-identified general practice data across a range of clinical indicators, and reports it back to each participating general practice. The program is designed to help general practices benchmark what medicines have been prescribed and what tests have been ordered for patients with particular conditions and to measure the long-term health impact. MedicineInsight will use cdmNet to securely transfer de-identified clinical data. Practices require Medical Director or Best Practice clinical software.

To activate the data transfer and start receiving the benefits of MedicineInsight, or to find out more information, contact NPS MedicineWise on 1300 721 726 or