An easier way to edit the patient’s care team

New functionality in cdmNet gives you the option to directly add, remove or change care team members from the Care Team tab. This makes managing the care team so much easier! To edit providers in the care plan please follow the steps below. To Change a Provider In the Care Team tab, navigate to the … Continued

Patient Notifications

Did you know cdmNet automatically reminds the patients of upcoming care plan tasks? If the patient has a mobile number or an email address stored in your practice software cdmNet will automatically send a monthly SMS or an email to the patient to remind them of upcoming due tasks on their care plan. This enables … Continued

Managing your Preferred Providers

Did you know your general practice can manage their own preferred providers list on cdmNet? Initially when your practice joins cdmNet a list of all of your regularly referred to providers is extracted from your practice software and added to your preferred providers list on cdmNet. You can access and manage your preferred providers list … Continued

Changing GPs or Practices in cdmNet

If a patient changes practice, their cdmNet record can follow them to their new GP. Our cdmNet patient transfer policy is dedicated to protecting the privacy, security and confidentiality of patient health information as well as ensuring the cdmNet health record is available to the correct care team. To transfer a patient’s cdmNet record, please … Continued

Adding a provider into a Care Plan

cdmNet care plans automatically populate your most commonly referred providers to the care plan. If you would like to change or add a provider to in a care plan please follow the steps below: In the Planning tab click on the existing providers name. To access the provider directory select Provider. Searching for a provider … Continued

Helpful Hints

General practices are dynamic workplaces with new practitioners and nurses joining the practice, whilst some leave. It is important to keep your cdmNet Practice Account up to date with current organisation members. We have added a few helpful tips on what to do when a member leaves and joins the practice. If a New Practice … Continued