“cdmNet allows health providers to see which other health providers are involved in the care of the client, therefore allowing a more collaborative approach between the client, health providers and the client’s GP.”

Ms Lyndall Dew, Exercise Physiologist, Victoria

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Why use cdmNet?

cdmNet enhances your efficiency and increases your revenues by making it easy for GPs to refer to team care services while decreasing the out-of-pocket expenses for your patients.

cdmNet greatly simplifies collaboration with GPs and the other members of the care team. With cdmNet, the patient’s entire care plan and health record are shared electronically with the whole care team and with the patient.

For the first time, a patient’s care plan becomes a living document against which the patient’s progress and the activities of the care team can be monitored. You and the rest of the care team can track appointments, view and update measurements, and electronically communicate simply, accurately, and quickly.

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Evidence-based care

Independent university trials demonstrate that cdmNet increases adherence to best practice guidelines and improves patient outcomes. These trials also showed a doubling of Team Care Arrangements and large increases in services referred to Allied Health and other healthcare professionals.

cdmNet provides a secure web-based environment for care team members to communicate with the GP, with each other and with their patients. It reduces “telephone tag” and paperwork, securely sending signed referrals and sharing reports within the care team and with the patient.

Evidence indicates that such collaboration leads to significantly better patient outcomes.

cdmNet in action (video)