Adding a provider into a Care Plan

cdmNet care plans automatically populate your most commonly referred providers to the care plan. If you would like to change or add a provider to in a care plan please follow the steps below:

In the Planning tab click on the existing providers name. To access the provider directory select Provider.

Searching for a provider by name

Enter the provider’s name or organisation into the box labelled Provider name or Organisation and click Search. If you do not find the provider you are looking for complete steps below:

  • Select the speciality you are looking for using the drop down menu, or if you are unsure select Any Speciality.
  • Less is more when searching by name. Try to enter part of the name instead of the entire name and avoid titles like Dr, Ms etc. If you enter two words cdmNet match on both the words together.

Searching for a provider by location

  • If you would like to browse for providers in your area, select the appropriate speciality from the drop down menu next to Speciality.
  • Enter the suburb/city/postcode to narrow your search further.

Adding the provider to the care plan

  • Once you have found the provider, slick on their name. The line should appear orange.
  • Click Assign. Note: If you would like that provider to be allocated for all tasks for that speciality select the box Assign to all tasks at the bottom before clicking assign.

Registering a new provider

If you cannot find the provider you are looking for you can add the provider to the cdmNet database by clicking Register a New Provider.

  • Complete all details that are marked with a red dot and click continue.
  • Enter the providers organisation details. You must enter the providers Suburb and and State.
  • Click Continue then Finish then OK.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

cdmNet Support

1300 236 638