A word from our CEO

Welcome to the first issue of the cdmNet eNewsletter for 2016.

The healthcare system is in the early stages of enormous change driven by the ageing population and a dramatic increase in long-term chronic illnesses. Evidence shows that the system needs to move away from silos of episodic care to more coordinated multidisciplinary care. Primary care, with GPs at the centre, will be the main driver of this change.

We aim to make cdmNet a valuable resource for empowering you and your patients to build a better healthcare system. cdmNet has already been shown to improve patient outcomes at the same time making our healthcare system more efficient – and letting you spend more time on the things you do best and less on red tape and paperwork.

We hope this newsletter will keep you informed about cdmNet in the context of healthcare reform. We also hope you will let us know how we can make cdmNet a better and more effective resource for you and your practice.

 Professor Michael Georgeff